To be honest, I don't really know what to call this room. Is it the Den? Media Room? "Great Room"? Well, this is where we spend most of our time to relax, take naps and watch TV. 
Let's start with the TV.. Since I would mostly direct my focus to the TV when I get into this room, my objective for my Version 1 is to simply reduce the clutter located in the TV area.

BEFORE: Gaming consoles, speaker and wires; Board Games, Toys and magazines (not pictured) clutter the TV space.

AFTER: Bigger TV, bigger TV Console table; Storage for controllers and small toys; Rearranged decors to create a more minimalist look. There are still issues of “showing wires” but that’s going to be taken care of in the next iteration of the Den interiors.

The next objective is to make the room more inviting for guests (when the pandemic is over).

Keeping the blinds open brings in natural light, which gives that welcoming feels to the space.

4-5 years ago, I saw a “gear clock” in one of the conference rooms from my former work place. I thought the conference room was cool and the design looked Contemporary “glam”. I searched for that exact gear clock (thank you internet) and bought it. It was one of the first accessories that we bought for the house and it partly dictated the rest of the style of the room.
This red sectional is one of the first big purchases that we did for this room. Our objective then was to have a stylish but functional, and easy-to-clean kind of couch where we can take naps (naps are really important :D ) and host guests.

The yellow “throw” blanket provided that design contrast. It is very functional too for those cold days.

Up next, the Fireplace - We have never used this fireplace. It was merely decorative.
Next Iteration: Improvement Guide
1. Short Term: Replace the pillows, add more layers
2. Short-Mid Term: Use a different rug/carpet for contrast
3. Wire Management
4. Long Term: Update the floors for a lighter one
5. Long Term: Replace the window coverings with something more modern.
6. Long Term: Replace the ceiling fan with a modern light fixture
7. Long Term: Paint the Walls
This is the first time I paid more attention to the room aesthetics rather than just function. I am looking forward for more of our improvement plans for this room.